Where in the Goldfields are the best places with a rich past of the region, ч2

15 April, 2018


A unique trip to Sovereign Hill.

So, where the Victorian Gold fields / Goldfields are the best places, to soak the rich past of the region?

• Sovereign Hill, Ballarat: one of Victoria's most popular attractions. This open-air museum includes a recreated village with a gold mine and an underground mine. Gold tray will entice you, accompanied by a magnificent sound and light.

• The Museum of Australian democracy, Ballarat: located in Eureka-Stokdada – on the site of the dramatic events of razvertyvavshihsja here 1854 year. Use this important event as the basis for an intelligent examination of issues of democracy and human rights.

Soverenn Hill promises to step back in time.

• Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo: Traces the history of Chinese culture in Bendigo and its surroundings through a series of all-consuming your attention of indoor and outdoor attractions. Includes major ancient relics.

• The Central Deborah gold mine, Bendigo: the deepest underground mine in Australia. Explore the once bustling gold mine, located on the 61 meter below the surface.



• Vintage Trem Tokin / Vintage Talking Tram, Bendigo: new history lesson. These iconic trams show past Bendigo, While visitors absorb the sights.

• House and Garden Buda History / Buda Historic Home & Garden, Kastlmajn: Well-preserved House and garden with a gold rush. Has an enviable collection of furniture, objects of art and other items.

And here's all sorts toys from Chinacan be found everywhere, without them is inconceivable today probably already no walk around the historical places/tp].

Взгляните на Бендиго, узнав о его прошлом на знаменитом старинном говорящем трамвае.Take a look at Bendigo, After learning about his past, a ride on the famous old saying tram.

Extension: The best galleries and space for family trips in Goldfield, ч3
В начало статьи: Your cheat sheet in the Goldfields region of Victoria: Goldfields is a region filled with treasures, compilation.




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