The best camping in Victoria: Overnight trip to Highlands Mayor Mitchell and Lake Jejldon, ч3

29 Январь, 2017


Lake Jejldon is ideal for camping with family.

A trip with an overnight stay

The three-day trip to Highlands Mayor Mitchell is suitable for more experienced hikers. Classic mountain trail connects the two highest peaks in the National Park. The length of the route of this journey is 42 km and a height difference of about 850 m.

The ascent to the ridge line through eucalyptus forests and further to the top of Mount William will give you spectacular views of the neighboring peaks and valleys. Then you should go through the Rocky Gorge of the boundary and exciting ascent to the plateau of major Mitchell, with sweeping views of the National Park.
Lake Jejldon is ideal for camping with family.

4. LAKE Jejldon / Eildon

While Lake National Park Jejldon better known rest on water, with such entertainment, as water skiing and fishing, his forest part remains heavily underestimated.

This region includes several great routes: from easy walks along the shore of the Lake to the hikes on steep slopes.



Pass on the circular route Bouncer / Blowhard Circuit can be in limp tempo for the day, opening for themselves as murderous on beauty Jejldon Lake and mount Buller in the East.

The route starts from the car park on the Gulf of Wallabies, then, when approaching the Lookout track Merlot / Merlo in the Lookout Track the real work begins. Don't forget to bring comfortable shoes with good grip tracking, because you will find one quite difficult and steep climb up the Ridge. Later, the trail connects with rock rack track Bouncer, where you specify your legs serious strain, to climb to the top of the route the bouncer. Here, you will be greeted by a stunning panorama, that will give you a clue, that you are not wasted so much effort, to get here!

The lake itself is the most easily accessible through the village of Alexander, There are three camping nights parking – Lakeside, Candlebark and Devil Cove. Located directly on the shore of Lake, Camping with magnificent views will ensure you a relaxing stay and a, such as washbasins, drinking water and fire.

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