Best places to walk in the outdoors with camping in Victoria

19 January, 2017


С Грампианских гор открываются потрясающие виды, здесь вас ждет много интересных мероприятий.

With stunning Grampians views, Here you will find a lot of interesting events.

Tear yourself away from your computer and take your backpack, and you will be sorely surprised, How refreshing it can be camping.

Whether this is just a weekend trip from Melbourne or weekly rest, company Skajskanner Australia offers you a list of   the best campgrounds with the best hiking trails in Victoria.

1. Direction Of The Cathedral (The Cathedral Ranges) or another name Grampians


The route called "Cathedral" Direction is an easy day trip from Melbourne, a two-hour drive northeast of the city of. Thanks to the stands to a height of bird flight over the forest 7 on kilometre length of Rocky Ridge, This place is ideal for walking.

Hiking trails vary in length and complexity, but most of them are quite challenging, and can make you sweat even experienced hikers. Track Wells Cave (Wells Cave), will take you to Track Bronepancir, Okuda   offer a magnificent view of the surrounding rocky peaks, While a steep climb around Sugarloaf Peak will lead you to the highest point in the region.



Hour long ascent to the top offers a circular route with a twist 360 degrees, and make it all worth the effort.

Despite that, that any route you could easily pass for one day, There is enough easily accessible accommodation in camping cabins, and if you want to come with overnight, the preliminary order place in the Gully or Needs Povarskaya Street Mill, and camping Annexx for pre-order you don't even take any fees.

The author of the text:  Ariel Sammy. Перевод: revision site «Australia. Guide to Australia»


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