Лучшие места для семейного отдыха в Австралии: Victoria, ч.3.2 (extension)

15 December, 2014


Бухта вдоль побережья Банаронг, штат Виктория.

On the road, stretch along the coast of Banarong (Bunurong) in Gippsland you can find many like this totally hidden from human eyes bays.

Further to the East, the town of Inverloch (Inverloch), which is also very popular among lovers of family travel, Thanks to its wide beaches for surfing, as well as located at the entrance of the beach for young children. The nearby marine park Banarong (http://www.south-gippsland.com/bunurong.htm), with lots of great hidden beaches (but be careful – many of them are available only through steep slopes and are not suitable for kids with prams).

But in addition to the places on the coast of Victoria also has a lot of interesting objects and territories.

Ballarat – one of them, This is the perfect place for your family vacation. In the heart of the Victorian goldfields, children (and adults) will study city of Sovereign Hill (Sovereign Hill), which recreated from the village of gold miners, based in 1850 in the days of the gold rush. Every evening there also starts the sound and light show, which tells the story of the Eureka Uprising (http://www.sovereignhill.com.au/sound-light-show/).



Соверейн Хилл, Виктория.

Sovereign Hill - This is a recreated gold mining town 1850-ies, in which children could even get a little gold.

The Murray River is also a popular holiday destination, with lots of camping services, . Jarravonga on the shore of Lake Malval is a favorite spot for families, that skate skiing.

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