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13 Май, 2018


Try the sparkling rose at the winery Taltarni in Pyrenees.

On the question: There are wineries? The answer is Yes! The region abounds with wine pogrebkami Goldfield thanks to 4-m local wine-growing areas.

Choose to your taste:

1. Pyrenees: many wine cellars, mostly, grouped around Munjembl and Avoca. Here hold red lovers path, first of all such varieties as Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

Recommendations for visitors to wineries:

  • Талтарни / Taltarni – highly prized for its sparkling rose wine;
  • Blue Pyrenees- brings the charm of France in Victoria.



2. Heathcote: This area is just dotted with vineyards and wineries, more of them here 50. Known for its award-winning Shiraz.

Recommendations for visitors to wineries:

Family Winery Estate Sanguin / Sanguine Estate collects awards as often, like grapes;

  • Flein Winery / Flynn produced a terrific wine, which is perfectly combined with delicious food is their own.


3. Бендиго / Bendigo: Overall, This boutique wineries, scattered throughout the city and suburbs. The greatest attention is paid to wine red varieties.

Recommendations for visitors to wineries:

  • Balgovni Estate / Balgownie Estate is the oldest in Yarra Valley;
  • Harcourt Valley vineyards have more medals, than could ever dream of Michael Phelps.




4. Ballarat: region with a cool climate with excellent reputation. Local varieties of grape used in the production of Pinot Noir and sparkling wine.

Recommendations for visitors to wineries:

  • Winery Mont Baninon/Mount Buninyong very peculiar institution, If not to say more, but still here remember the wine experience.


Bendigo - the ideal city.

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