Маунт Буллер: Австралийские снежные поля в 2017 Year, ч5

2 Август, 2017





The most exciting event at Mount Buller ski resort / Mt Buller this season is his new Snow Factory / «Snowfactory», which guarantees skiing on the main slope of Bourke Street from the opening weekend.

Snowmactory  – it's a snow cannon worth 1,6 million United States dollars with more than average characteristics is installed now on all your favourite slope, and can produce snow 24 hours a day at any temperature. This is the first machine of its kind in Australia, that means, that is not only great news for Mount Buller, but also for the entire ski industry.

"These investments are rewriting the script for the onset of winter», – said General Manager "Buller Ski lift ' Laurie Blampid. "Instead of, to wonder, When will the snow, We can now assure our guests, that they will be able to ski and snowboard in starting from the very beginning of season opening ".


At Mount Buller has 300 HA refreshed in the evening and at night the territory, and if you don't have enough time in the day nakatatsja, You can linger until late night skiing session.

This season night skis on Mount Buller, include lessons for beginners, which are available on Saturdays and Sundays during peak season (with 15 July by 27 Augusta).



This means, that there will be even more raids on the weekend riders from Melbourne, three hours away, for them this resort is the closest in distance of the major resorts of the country. Night skis will be held on the light and wide avenue of Bourke Street, which will be lit up 20:30 PM. And for the first time in the history of Australian spas lessons for beginners will be available during the night.

Also in July and August, in every weekend, will be lit in the evening lawn of Baller's Snow Park (try to get down the track on a sleigh), as well as entertainment in Village Square,  so now evenings you will not have any justification to remain indoors.

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