A few days on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula

16 March, 2015


Закат на красивом полуострове Морнингтона. Sunset on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

There is nothing better, than the journey, to appreciate the taste of life anew, and it's one of the best ways to hit the refresh button and spend the weekend. Below is a description of the perfect three-day trip to the place, reasonably located near the capital, and, moreover, quite characteristic of that, To make it worth making a trip here, because it is quite beautiful, To spice up your life.

The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria is such a gem. The hotel is located in 90 minutes drive southeast of Melbourne, This secluded idyll offers a fairly rich and varied terrain. Emerald pastures and hills coexist with a wild and rocky coast. In charming seaside villages, dotted with painted wooden shacks, farms are located, hiking trails and in the immediate vicinity of natural hot springs. My brother fell in love with these places and claims, that now his family can choose where to stay in the beautiful countryside with cute villages, use the sheltered beaches or take a boat to the open sea.



Polperro Boutique Winery, in Red Hill, is an ideal place. Stay in one of the four villas, overlooking the vineyards and centuries-old trees and enjoy all this splendor with a glass of pinot in hand. Guests should not give up the opportunity to walk, Breaking away from the fireplace, for a fantastic dinner at the winery's bistro. The seasonal menu looks quite tasty: Gentle, velvety brisket; kumquat and dill on smoked pork; caramelized apple, in the crunchy texture of buttery walnuts.

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