Nurat was stripped of its town status, but he was struggling, to return to the map, ч2

30 Ноябрь, 2016


In the evening you can find here Friday local residents, example time with a mug of beer and a piece of pizza, and in Saturday morning, popivajushhimi coffee barn Café.

«I miss Melbourne, but I am so busy, that can't be sad on-duty», says Mr. Leo.

«But as far as we, We would never be able to have the opportunity in Melbourne, buy 100-year-old pub.

«Moreover, We have, Probably, attendance is even better, than in some places in Melbourne, When on holiday, Our pub is rarely not fully engaged visitors, in the number of 80 person».

Vicki Marr, which is the PR Secretary of Nurata, not considered, that city has been losing its status in 2012 Year.

«It's easy to figure (Ed.: number of inhabitants),» she said.



«That makes the city city? According to statistics – Yes, This is the number of the population of the town, but the city has more, than the number of. It's people, who live there, and they create a community spirit in this place».

With regard to Ms. Marr, She was concerned, the town ceased to exist on the map of    , but he did not actually   changed.

Ms. Marr said,, that she never exchange a life here in the fresh air and the singing of birds on a crush of modern city. Here never gets into the tube, If, Of course, not travel sometimes on his tractor.

Vicki Marr said also, that people, who live in nurata, very friendly and always willing to help each other.

«Our community is very lively and each participant brings in this part of your soul».

The author of the text: Olivia Lambert. Перевод: website

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