Полуостров Морнингтон – идеальное место для уикэнда

16 March, 2015


Полуостров Морнингтон с прекрасными виноградниками для туристов. Mornington Peninsula with beautiful vineyards for tourists.

I've always wanted to explore new areas on foot. In Polperro, it's a wonderful secluded 5 km equestrian track, which is partially along the Red Hill Rail Trail, where you're a walker, you'll jump on the base of soft pine needles through shrubs and cherry orchards on private land with idyllic views. This area is a paradise for fans of walking on boardwalk, along the prickly shrubs of wetlands and estuaries, or you can take an entinent walk to the top of the cliff, where rough wind adds the smell of sea salt to the air 100 km of the peninsula.

Start the day with breakfast with maple syrup, impregnating banana bread, bought in a rural Somers shop, where locals relax at weekends and children beg parents to try countless varieties of lollipops and cakes, old recipes.

You will be spoiled by a wide range of places to walk. The historic coastal delights of the seaport and Sorrento include picnic spots with beaches, shopping therapy in gorgeous gift shops and a dose of envious curiosity, when you notice the stone and glass mansions, who embrace the peaceful Bay of Port Phillip.



Fans eat well, кухня, where local food manufacturers are fully present, lead to epicurean delight. In one day, I had lunch at Green Oliva Farm (Green Olive), drank cider at the mock family restaurant in Red Hill, and shook hands with the chocolate master, which left a smile on my nieces' faces thanks to his handmade exquisite candy at Flinders Peninsula in Mornington.

The peninsula is a wonderful natural place and an area where the culture of food and winemaking flourishes, for fans to raise a glass of another. Here you can how to get a few extra kilos, and lose a few extra pounds, but in any case, make the right choice, going here looking for the perfect place to travel.

The villas in Polperro start from $ 385 за ночь. Description, Visiting visitmorningtonpeninsula.org.

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