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3 Сентябрь, 2018


Lord Howe Island is one of the oldest volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. Its age is about 20 million years. Belongs To Lord Howe Island Australia.

Under the form reminds a boomerang island, which stretches from North to South for about ten kilometers. The width of the "Boomerang" – about two kilometers. Is an island in the territory of the Tasmanovogo sea to the North-East of Sydney, in 770 kilometers from the city.



Opened Lord Howe Island was 17 February 1788 year Lieutenant Lidgberdom, who on his ship sailed with prisoners from Australia to Norfolk Island. But the first settlers got there only in 1834 Year. All the people at Lord Howe at the time was associated with the whales, rather, with whaling. But, known, this fishery will sooner or later ends due to the decimation of whales. Therefore, the few residents of the island relatively quickly proved to be irrelevant. Second Life island received, Starting with 1932 year, When there began to haul tourists and organize interesting excursions.

Today on the island lives around 350 person, and their main income is tourism article.

The second item of income on the island is the export of seeds of endemic Palms, which does not grow anywhere else in the world. This Palm is very popular as an ornamental plant in rich homes. Whalers, By the way, left its mark not only in the history of the island, but all over the world for several years, they literally ate (exterminated) several species of flightless birds unique to, who lived only on the island.


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