Выходные в Виктории: Daylesford, the most romantic city in Australia

22 March, 2014


Romantic Dejlford (Daylesford), Victoria, Australia.

Continue further, Now you are on your way to your next stop on the route – Mount Macedon. Small town gets its name from its location in the foothills of the mount Macedon. Here you will find several wineries dotted around the outskirts of the city, so now is the time, to stock up on local wine, leaving it tasting the sweat.

After an hour's drive along the picturesque landscape, you will arrive at the Klunes / Clunes. Justifying its name as "gold-bearing Victoria diamond, Klunes offers help with page history, represents a simple peasant village. Spend an hour or two, to explore the main street. You can walk to the restored heritage of glory.

Set off again on the road, and soon they arrive at the final destination-Dejlford / Daylesford. Recently received the nomination as the most romantic city in Australia, Dejlford is the ultimate goal for many on weekends. Here you will find rustic B & (B), where you can while away the time, farmers ' markets are chock full of fresh produce and locally produced wine and it's all wrapped in a whimsical and rustic atmosphere.



Before you finally stop and immerse yourself in the life of Dejlforda, First, it is worth to travel outside the city in "Source Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa / Hepburn Springs Bathhouse and Spa», and take advantage of the greatest concentration of natural sources in the country.

Wonderful weekend away would not be complete without a romantic hotel (B) & (B), so make sure to, that threw their bags in Pendowner House. This hotel has been created from original built in 1880 year and then restored country house offers visitors a welcome respite after a day of Daylesford, held in walks around the surrounding area.

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