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13 Март, 2014


Romantic Macedonian Road in Daylesford

Good food and wine on the doorstep of Melbourne.

Picturesque let in Daylesford / Daylesford is your entrance into the world of wine-making enterprises, delights and stunning scenery. Such travel are encouraged to organize for couples.



The perfect pair for the rest don't need much: bottle of wine (or two), private place, to finish the evening and a sense of detachment from the world. The purpose of the journey is located in just over two hours drive from central Melbourne, on the way, Makedon, leading in Daylesford, where you will find the perfect solution. Driving through the country's wineries and past the sidewalk cafes you find yourself away from the world on the other side of the world.

The first stop on the road to the ultimate goal of the weekend is the picturesque town of Gisborne. Closest to Melbourne from all Macedonian cities route, Here you will find the first of many cool wineries on the route. The city is located within the boundaries of the spur Jackson Creek, and it has a noisy main street, ideal for a lazy late breakfast in the Café. Sit back and glancing around decide whether you should go on or, If the weather allows, visit Gisborne botanical gardens to capture here and lunch. Visit also the wine cellar of Gisborne / Peak Winery, before you continue further in Daylesford.

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