Выходные в Виктории: Travel along the Great Ocean Road

17 Март, 2014


Drive along the coast of Victoria: Great Ocean Road.

When the Ocean Meets the Mainland: Беллс Бич, Victoria, Australia.

Discover the spectacular coastal world on a winding road just an hour's drive from Melbourne.

No other trip to Australia comes so close to the beautiful coastal sea coast., than the Great Ocean Road / Great Ocean Road in Victoria. This is, perhaps, the best and most popular tourist route in the country, listed on the Australian World Natural Heritage Register.



Route, describing a curve in southern Victoria, officially begins in the busy town of Torquay / Torquay is the birthplace of surfing culture in Australia. Known for its proximity to Bells Beach / Bells Beach, Torquay is already more, than just a place to surf, thanks to the development in recent years, vibrant restaurant life and wonderful cuisine.

It's worth it, to walk along the Esplanade in the morning, along the beaches of Torquay, and admire the play of the waves, before drinking a cup of coffee at the architecturally famous Third Wave Café. If the weather is good, you can stay and watch, to understand, why the surfing boom in the 1930s occurred here, and this place remains a surfer mecca to this day., And if you don't, then it's time to move on to the next stop. The winding road offers breathtaking coastal scenery around every corner on the way to Lorne..

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