10 самых прекрасных австралийских отелей, Part 2

18 Ноябрь, 2014


Отель Парк Хаятт / Park Hyatt - Сидней, штат Новый Южный Уэльс.

Luxury in the city centre.

8. Отель Парк Хаятт / Park Hyatt – Sydney, New South Wales

Five-star Park Hyatt Hotel / Park Hyatt offers all of Sydney's iconic landmarks right on its doorstep:

• Сиднейский оперный театр,
• мост Харбор-Бридж,
• Дворец Королевы Виктории / Queen Victoria Building,
• собор Святой Марии
• Дарлинг-Харбор.

From your private balcony offers visitors panoramic views of the Harbour and the Sydney skyline.

7. O'reilly Rajnforest Retro / O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat – Голд-Кост (Gold Coast), Stat Queensland



Это место, guaranteed you merge with nature, surrounded by Rainforest, located in the World Heritage list, and is included in Lamington National Park / Lamington, located on the lands of the Gold Coast. Feature of O'reilly are 48 self-contained luxury eco-villas, offering breathtaking sunsets and wonderful views of the mountains, rolling hills and inland areas of the coast with your own front porch, located at an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level.

О'Райли Райнфорест Ретро / O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat - Голд-Кост (Золотой Берег), штат Квинсленд.

This seems like a luxury home in the tree.

6. Coastal Camping Kimberly / Kimberley Coastal Camp – Кимберли, Western Australia

Venture into the heart of the desert, Kimberly and dip the fingers in Admiralty Bay. Based in 1994 Year, Coastal Camping Kimberly is the exclusive place for relaxation in this remote Western Australia.

Being as one of only 12 guests at Camp Resort, You can set the pace for your holiday and decide, When you relax, and when exploring local birds, wild animals, get acquainted with the life, art and culture of the local inhabitants, components of an important part of the landscape.

Return to the perfectly equipped bungalow at sunset and savour gourmet cuisine, prepared by Chef camping.

Прибрежный Кэмпинг Кимберли / Kimberley Coastal Camp - Кимберли, штат Западная Австралия.

The entire resort is designed only for 12 Guests.

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