12 лучших туристических мест на севере Западной Австралии: Кимберли, Part 4

8 July, 2015


Bell Gorge. Photo source: "Parks and wildlife of Australia".

Windjana Gorge National Park – 140 km east of Derby

Windjana Gorge National Park (Windjana Gorge) is one of the most beautiful gorges of Kimberly, waterfalls which fall with majestic walls up to 100 m. The Gorge of a length 3.5 km cuts through the ridge of Napier, that is part of an ancient Devonian reef limestone, numbering 350 millions of years. Freshwater crocodiles basking in the Lakes, While colonies of bats and parrots Corella cockatoo family arrange their roosts in the branches of the coastal trees.

Camping «Windjana Gorge» well positioned, but here you won't find specially equipped viewing platforms, canopies or similar objects, designed for convenience and leisure visitors during walks on hiking trails. However,, Camping is an excellent starting point for exploring the Windjana Gorge. For entry and installation of tents you have to pay.


Reserve Area Of King Leopold – 250 kilometres north-east of Derby

Reserve King Leopold known spectacular gorges of the rivers of Bell Creek and Lennard. The Gorge of the King Leopold ranges Tower on 300 metres above the surrounding Plains (And on 950 m above sea level) While open forest Savannah cover burnt Sun landscape. Thickets of river vegetation, stately paper maples and dense pine forests, River pools and whirlpools, water lilies and other aquatic plants of all kinds, populate the surface of the river Lakes, generated in the course of flow of rivers, all this provides cool relief after harsh nudity rocks.



During the rainy season, land code poured vast amounts of water, Cascades of waterfalls are formed. In the dry season, tourists are attracted by stunning waterfalls Gorge Bell Creek / Bell Creek, in which you can safely swim. Visitors can also admire the impressive Gorge, Lennard and incredibly-unusually folded and create an optical illusion, picturesque rocks along the Gibb River Road, formed the most powerful geological forces. The reserve is home to many species of birds and offers breathtaking scenery for photographers.

Relax in fully on nature tourists provides Camping Silent Grove – campground, located right on the banks of the river, where visitors are accessible showers and toilets. Camping – surcharge.

After that, How was closed local Centre of agricultural production, a former cattle station, in its place was established "Mount Vajldness" Hart Lodge, that is an oasis on the banks of the river surrounded by lush gardens, Barker. The lodge has a classy look and provides comfortable accommodation in hereditary estates, and at a local restaurant serves dinner and breakfast, consisting of three dishes, also there are library. Besides, "Mt. Hart provides wishing accommodation at campsite shade trees on the banks of the river.

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