12 лучших туристических мест на севере Западной Австралии: Purnululu National Park and Cave Creek, ч.5

9 Июль, 2015



Purnululu NATIONAL PARK – 250 km south of Kununurra


Bungle bungle range in Purnululu region is one of the most fascinating geological monuments in the world with its round domes reminiscent in form of bee hives, deep abyss, gorges and lakes in the form of swimming pools. Getting here isn't easy., but it's an adventure worth it.

There are like short walking trails here., Suitable for most ages and fitness levels, so on longer trails for more experienced forest walkers with specialized navigation equipment and wildlife survival skills. In addition to the above excellent features, National Park offers to accommodate campsites, safari-style tours.



However, it should be remembered, that the park only works in the dry season (usually from April to November). Valardi and Kurajong campsites are also located in Purnululu (Walardi and Kurrujong). The Valardi Tent Camp has toilets and it can serve up to 40 cars at the same time, while Kurrajong Tent Camp, also equipped with toilets, Can serve up 100 cars (No generators). Camping toll. Before visiting, be sure to book your place online on the website parkstay.wa.gov.au.

PROFI TIP: If there is a possibility, Be sure to take a helicopter or plane to fly over the Bungle Bungle Range, to get an idea of the scale and majesty of this geological miracle. Flights depart daily from the runway in the park.

NATIONAL PARK Cave CRIK – 100 km north of Fitzroy Crossing

Cave Creek National Park runs through tunnels cut through by water in the limestone of the Napier Ridge, part of the Devonian reef system 350 million years ago.

You can walk through the tunnel towards the Nepie Range along an underground route of 750m, passing through several underground lakes.
This cave lives, at least, five species of bats, including ghostly bats and fruit bats, in many places, stalactites hang from the vaults of the tunnel. Not far from the center of the cave, its vault collapsed to the very top of the tunnel. Bring a torch, sneakers and be prepared to get wet and, It's possible, Freeze.

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