12 лучших туристических мест на севере Западной Австралии: Ущелье Гейки и КРАТЕР Вулф КРИК, ч.6

11 Июль, 2015


Национальный парк Ущелье Гейки – 20 Northeast Fitzroy Crossing

Geikie Gorge – wonderfully exciting place, The Park is famous for its sheer white and gray walls, rich in wildlife and spectacular boat trips. Geikie Gorge had penetrated the river Fitzroy through part of an ancient limestone barrier reef, which meanders in the western part of Kimberly. The Gorge was laid in ancient sea, которое существовало на месте большей части Кимберли в девонскую эру, about 350 million years ago. Geikie Gorge boat tours are held from May to October and give a complete view of wildlife and geology of the Gorge. You can see here many strange birds, such as sea eagles and rare magic Wren, topped with a purple crowns, as well as crocodiles-acrobats, hunting for stray flying foxes.

Wolfe CREEK CRATER NATIONAL PARK – 160 km south of Halls Creek

Wolfe Creek Crater National Park is the perfect place, so for fans of real adventure. Staying in a camping weekend, You can visit the impressive Crater Wolf Creek, the second largest meteorite crater in the world.

Most tourists come here, to admire the crater itself, However, local wildlife abounds here is quite unusual animals, including major Mitchell's cockatoo, reptiles, such as Brown Dragon Ringtail, and the Red Kangaroo.



The best time to visit the Park is between May and October.
in Wolfe Creek Crater national park there is a campground with all amenities, but there is no water in it. In the dry season the campground can be made available for all types of vehicles, However, in the rainy season there can be accessed only by 4WD. Camping fees in this tent camp do not apply.

COUNCIL: Bring a map of the sky and binoculars or a telescope to observe the unbeatable views of the night sky.

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