12 лучших туристических мест в Западной Австралии: Нингалу и Милстрим Чичестер, Part 3

7 Июль, 2015


Ningaloo. Фото: Jen Hollis.

Ningaloo Marine Park – 50 km west from Jeksmousa

Take the escape in the southern winter and immerse yourself in the Ningaloo Marine Park, staying at one of the many campgrounds, located on the shores of the Cape Range National Park. Here you can go snorkelling (scuba diving) surrounded by turtles, dolphins, dugongs, Mantes, colorful fishes and corals or go overland adventure tour in search of the black-footed Wallabies, various birds, reptiles and much more. In season (from April to July) on Ningaloo Reef whale sharks congregate, the largest fish in the world.

Unique opportunity to swim with these gentle giants season attracts whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef visitors from around the world.

Camp Kurradzhong, located in the National Park Cape of Tueni's range, there is 26 new campgrounds, to them leads a new gravel road, There are also equipped with observation platforms, places to relax with canopies and toilets, the place for BBQ plus Extras 19 new campgrounds in other areas of the Park.

The demand for camping is extremely high, Therefore, reservation required. Booking is available only through the Web site ParkStay WA: parkstay.dpaw.wa.gov.au



Most of the campsites in the National Park Cape Tueni's range is easily accessible by normal car, But if you then plan to something a little more distant, you'd better settle down the tent camp ONE K, which can also be booked on site. As soon as you cross the Jardi Creek (Yardie Creek), next leads the way with soil and sand-coated, for tourists in jeeps and 4WDs can reach camp.

Milstrim National Park, Chichester – 150 kilometres south-east of Karratha

Milstrim National Park, Chichester – this oasis in the desert, located in chocolate-brown rock Ridge Chichester, usejanyh prickles and pitch allocations. The water in the pools is served using pumps, to draw water from an underground aquifer, located in the porous dolomitic rocks.

Camping Miliyanha and Stargazers, located in the National Park, comfortable places for barbecue, also here are allowed to tourists use their own gas cylinders for cooking. Both campgrounds are open for accommodation during the whole tourist season, which usually lasts from mid-April until the beginning of October.

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