25 основных вещей, которые следует знать о Перте и Западной Австралии, Part 3

9 Август, 2015


Вака / WACA.

Waka / WACA.

17) Any resident of Western Australia certainly knows, What is WAKA / WACA (Zapadnoavstralijskaja Cricket Association in Perth).

18) The America's Cup (and Alan Bond) initiated the Fremantle Football Club (FREO).

19) Any resident of Western Australia knows, that desalinate water plants.

20) Reduce The FIFO (fly-in fly-out) and CUB (cashed up bogan) are part of the vocabulary of the West Australian and owe their origins precisely in Western Australia.

FIFO – is a method of using labor in remote areas, After the flight of such workers are temporarily placed in the workplace, and they do not have to change their place of residence and transported his family forever. This method is common in such major mining countries, as Australia.

CUB is a man, who is or is perceived, How can you say "neotjagoshhennyj intelligence" or located on the lower rungs of the social hierarchy, but the high-level dostigshhij salaries, and who spends money on the cheap, ostentatious and gaudy stuff, to prove all their supposedly higher social status. This type includes the appropriate speech and manners, which are characteristic of people with low levels of education, no cultural and not brought up, that ultimately is reflected in their poor taste to things, property and life in General.



21) When a resident of Western Australia meets abroad country someone else from your State, the first thing he asked , whether he is a fan of the Eagles "or" Dockers " (the most popular local soccer team: West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Football Club nicknamed The Dockers).

22) Even if resident of Western Australia is not a fan of the rock band AC/DC, He certainly knows, that Bon Scott was buried in Fremantle cemetery.

Бон Скотт, похоронен на кладбище Фримантл в Перт.

Bon Scott, buried in the cemetery of Fremantle. Photo: Michael Rutland / Getty Images).

23) Every inhabitant of Western Australia knows, that "Sunday Session / Sunday Sesh " (Sunday party, which gathers friends, mingle and drink heavily), good can only be Cott or OBH (Ocean Beach Hotel, located on Kotteslo Beach and is one of the most popular beach in Western Australia).

24) Any resident of Western Australia or live north of the river or South of the river (mean Margaret Riva).

25) Any resident of Western Australia considers, What exactly is in Perth are the best beaches in the world and, it seems, that is indeed the case:

Коттесло Бич, Перт, Западная Австралия.

Perth by Kotteslo Beach.

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The author of the article: Emily Moulton (Translated: редакция сайта http://australia-tour.info/)




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