What you need to know when visiting El Questo in Kimberley, ч2

29 November, 2017


Курорт Эль Квесто предлагает различные виды отдыха - от кемпинга до роскошных апартаментов.

Resort El Questo offers various leisure activities - from camping to luxury apartments.

A few tips for, so you had a good time.

Don't make errors, which I did for the first time:

Plan your route in advance, get up early. Will sleep for a long time – Miss interesting hiking (and obgorite). Do not walk after brunch, or you run the risk of going back into the darkness. During my first visit, I went to Zebedee Springs after breakfast with several courses, only to find it closed – It is open from 7 am to PM.

And if you took a tent, don't expect, to find a place for himself. The main part of the camping is similar to Park caravans, Although very herbaceous and attractive. Campsites typically feature a reception, shower, a well-stocked shop, restaurant and bar.

Want to enjoy the sunset in solitude? Book your place at one of our private coastal campgrounds.

What's nearby?

Unbeatable location "near" El Questro Wilderness Park is Purnululu National Park, included in the World Heritage list, or Them Bungles.



Even watching the Park during walks on Earth, and even more so during the scenic flight over El Questro wilderness park-you'll be shocked by the play of colours: hundreds of Orange and black striped "Bee" barrows, lush green grass stains, cloudless blue sky, giant honey Sun!

Kimberley region is known for its spectacular scenery, religious.

But be careful, «next» – This term, that pretty freely used in Kimberley. However, If you are traveling to the Bangles / Bungles, It takes about four hours to only one end (290 km), so it's best to schedule at least one night of camping.

End: Where to stay the night in Kimberly?

Start: Is it worth to visit the famous resort El Questo in Kimberley?





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