That you even know about Perth, In addition to, What is live 2 Million. man and, that it is the birthplace of Quokka-football, Part 2

9 August, 2015


Квокка, или Короткохвостый кенгуру. Ареал распространения: острова и несколько изолированных континентальных участков в Западной Австралии.

How can someone play soccer-Quokka? Unfortunately, they can. Photos: gwiltypleasure / Via instagram.

3) If you are not from Western Australia, you from somewhere «in the East» ("over east»).

4) Beer in the bars of Western Australia has always served only in containers of two types: pint (570 ml) or half pints (middie).

5) When a resident of Western Australia buys coffee, He always wonders, Why will receive a receipt by $ 5.

6) Are you afraid of shark attacks in Western Australia? And correctly, Western Australia is the shark attack capital of the world.

7) According to the West Australian Holiday = Bali, tk. This is just a 3.5-hour flight away from here.

Бали – любимое место отдыха для жителей штата Западная Австралия.

Bali is a favorite holiday destination for Western Australians.

8) When someone mentions, He awaits doctor Fremantle, a resident of Western Australia, immediately clear, that this person is not in need of medical assistance. (For those, who does not know, This is such a sea breeze, going from the Indian Ocean, that primarily flies over Frimantlom. This is called doctor Fremantle because, that since his arrival in the summer heat in Western Australia comes relief).

9) ((a)) Their holidays pupils of Western Australia usually spend in the camps on the island of Rottnest Island.
(b) Any resident of Western Australia certainly knows about football Quokka – and, of course, agree with the statement, that is evil (especially looking at the photo at the top of the article).

10) Any resident of Western Australia of course was "Adventure World / Adventure World».



11) West avtralijca ready through 30 Minutes (even if it is not).

12) All residents of Western Australia always complain about congestion on Kvinana / Mitchell Highway.

13) Summer comes to them, When the thermometer, Finally, rises to 34+ degrees.

14) Summer for residents of Western Australia also means here is …. (cm. photo below):

Закат в городе Перт.

Perth residents enjoy such sunsets, like this almost every day of the year.

15) When you drive in the Margaret River region is a means «to the South» Or «douth».

16) When you travel to any place north of Perth – for the inhabitants of Western Australia this means «up North».

The author of the article: Emily Moulton (Translated: website

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