Лучшие места для семейного отдыха в Австралии: Western Australia, h. 6.1

22 December, 2014


Greens Pool near Denmarkom - This is a protected Beach, ideal for children. Фото: Stuart Allen.


Western Australia

A trip to the largest state of Australia is worth it, to commit.

If your kids can't sit still for a long time in the car, do not hesitate on that, you have nowhere to go, and what to do in Western Australia.

The South-western part of the State, not far from the city of Perth has lots of beautiful beaches, as well as stunning Interior, in the marvellous forest walks. Valley of the Giants near Denmark will give you the opportunity to explore the ancient forests from top to bottom, from the treetops to the forest floor.

 Долина Гигантов, штата Западная Австралия.

If your family members are not afraid of Vertigo, the walks through the Valley of the Giants walk will be a hit for you travel.

The Greens Hill in William Bay National Park near Denmark –   popular and absolutely safe place for a family holiday. The beach is surrounded by sloping rocks, that create small pools – the ideal solution for small children.

To the North of Perth, Coral coast is located (Coral Coast), which is also a very popular area for families of all ages. Here you can swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef (http://www.australia.com/explore/icons/ningaloo.aspx), feed the dolphins in Monkey Mia (Monkey Mia), and observe migrating from Coral Bay whales. The city itself is a wonderful place, to make the base for radial incursions during your travels, Where is everybody (including small children) enjoy snorkelling on the reef.

Нингалу Риф на Коралловом побережье Западной Австралии.

Meet with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia's coral coast.

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