Carijini National Park

4 March, 2020


There are many amazing places in the world, and a continent like Australia is a more amazing place. This is the National Park «Karijini». It was formed more than two million years ago. Amazing place, which attracts most tourists.

The park is surrounded by the Hamersley Mountains, in 1400 kilometres from Perth and close to Tom Price. The park is rich in gorges, Lakes, rocks and marble tunnels. It's a great place to walk, lots of paths, And for tourists there are many viewing platforms, as well as places to swim. Also, If a person wants to spend the night in the park, that is two campsites, namely:

  1. For people with tents, and also lovers secluded with nature have a camping site called «Dales camping».There's no water here., Electricity. Only man and nature. There are toilets in the booths. The only downside of this place, No greens. Only red soil underfoot.
  2. For those, who doesn't like to be left without water and electricity, there's a camping site called «Karjini Eco Retreat». Here a person can buy for as little as 250$ tent with a shower. Shared toilets on the street. But the view will not leave anyone indifferent. Beautiful greens and soft grass. Very wonderful., because you can sunbathe and enjoy the singing of birds and the breath of nature.

Coming to the park «Кариджини» Tourist can plunge into the world of nature. But you have to remember, that everything more beautiful is hidden beneath the surface of the earth. To see it, you need to hire locals, which you will be shown the basic beauty of this place. Hidden canyons, small lakes with crystal clear water. It's all in Australia.. That, that scares off tourists, it's big spiders and other scary dangerous animals of this mainland, but don't be afraid of it in the park «Кариджини».Karijini



It's the same., For tourists there are real trainings of different levels of difficulty. Those who want to try are waiting for the most unforgettable experiences! Many tourists have been to the park, share their impressions. Services, that provide in the park, above all praise. Don't be afraid, that food should be taken with you. There are restaurants.

Visiting a national park in Australia, none will remain dissatisfied. Nature fascinates and conquers the hearts of even the most indifferent people. Hiking will help you feel oneness with nature. This is a great example of, how nature and man can live in peace and harmony, not destroying each other.

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