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12 лучших туристических мест на севере Западной Австралии: Кимберли, Part 4


Bell Gorge. Photo source: "Parks and wildlife of Australia".

Windjana Gorge National Park – 140 km east of Derby



Windjana Gorge National Park (Windjana Gorge) is one of the most beautiful gorges of Kimberly, waterfalls which fall with majestic walls up to 100 M. Read the rest of this entry »




12 лучших туристических мест в Западной Австралии: Нингалу и Милстрим Чичестер, Part 3

Ningaloo. Photos: Jen Hollis.

Ningaloo Marine Park – 50 km west from Jeksmousa

Take the escape in the southern winter and immerse yourself in the Ningaloo Marine Park, staying at one of the many campgrounds, located on the shores of the Cape Range National Park. Read the rest of this entry »

12 best tourist places in Western Australia: Mount Augustus and Karijini, Part 2

MOUNT AUGUSTUS National Park – 480 kilometres north-east of Carnarvon

Mount Augustus is the largest monoklinalnym mountain formation (i.e.. is characterized by gently sloping tilt in one direction relative to the Earth's surface) in the world and is situated in the National Park of Mount August. Read the rest of this entry »

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