Is it worth to visit the famous resort El Questo in Kimberley?

17 Ноябрь, 2017


Is it worth to visit the famous resort Kimberly El Questo?

This Australian resort attracts tens of thousands of visitors per year. But whether this is consistent with a raised profile?

In ads popular tourist resort log includes gold listings, its rocky landscape is a playground instagrammerov, and it is synonymous with the present approximately in each list of Australian travel agencies. But whether this is consistent with a raised profile? I visited him twice, and if you had asked me about it after the first holiday, the answer would be different. More on that later.

So, where is the famous El Questro Wilderness Park?

You'll find it on the track 1 Gibb River Rd, at the beginning of (or at the end of, If you come from Broome) one of the most famous red-mud trails.

It is not difficult to get here – only an hour drive from Darwin, or a four-hour flight from Perth to a tiny town in the Kimberley Kununurra (fly Virgin Australia airlines and Qantas).

From The "Cannas", This place is located in 1,5 hour drive (110 km) in the car on the main road, but you can also get there by bus directly from the airport.

El Questro Wilderness Park is located in almost every list of mandatory visits to Australia, attracting tens of thousands of visitors per year.



But Will Burrell did not need on the bus. An English Aristocrat, arrived by helicopter in a sultry day at 1991 year and bought the El Questro Wilderness Park – one million acres for just 1 million dollars. He and his wife Celia, born in Melbourne, sold its 14 years later for a whopping 17 millions of dollars in common property Fund.

Currently, the resort is owned by Delaware North, travel company recently celebrated its 25 anniversary with dinner and a long table, which has been open for locals, and visitors.

No doubt, 25 years ago the couple was struck by the same scenery, from which travelers still drool till today – Live baobabs, luxurious Plains, rivers, kashashhimi wild crocodiles, Hot Springs, so beautifully shaded, What do you think, that specially-made landscape inventory, and millionoletnimi obgorevshimi cliffs, which still reveal their secrets.

Rangers, flying over the territory in 2010 Year, found Amarou Falls – an attractive series of 15 waterfalls.

El Questro Wilderness Park is located in the heart of the Kimberley region in Western Australia.

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