Such events, as "Gourmet Escape will make Victoria haven for tourists-gourmet

31 Март, 2015


Margaret Rivers Gourmet Escape Margaret River Gourmet Escape Riverside Festival with barbecue. Photo: Tourism in Western Australia.

Last autumn in the state of Victoria in Western Australia on the banks of the Margaret River was held a festival for gourmets "Gourmet Escape" (gastronomic escape) during which everyone could purchase for free or for a symbolic price:

• Cookbooks with recipes for Asian dishes and light snacks by $ 2 for each;
• 8 mini-books with original recipes;

All you had to do was send photos of your favorite recipes to the hungryideas website..

Experts say, that Australia was once the home of food bugs and limited choices, however, it is now becoming a favorite among interstate and international travelers for the novelty and uniqueness of culinary events in the world of tourism.



With the opening of new restaurants with exquisite dishes, prepared with fresh local produce and often in rather fancy combinations, Western Australia is rapidly rising to the top of gastronomic tourism. To verify this, it was enough just to look at the cohort of stars of world haute cuisine, who visited the festival "Gastronomic Escape of Margaret Riva", including Heston Blumenthal, Rick Stein, René Redzepi and Massimo Bottura.

"Indeed,, our food is becoming so popular and attracts millions of tourist dollars so, that there is a great future behind gastronomic tourism in our country", says Stephanie Buckland, executive director of the Western Australia Tourism Board.

«Western Australia Tourism Board close to launching food and wine tourism strategy, which outlines the basic methods of building the culinary principles of Western Australia «, she said.

«The aim of this strategy is to increase the positioning of Western Australia as one of the best destinations., where you can taste exquisite food, fresh seafood, fine wines and signature drinks, such as premium beers, cider and spirits».

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