Inside the ghost cities of Australia, part 4

29 Сентябрь, 2014


Не так много жителей здесь осталось. Броад Арроу / Broad Arrow, Западная Австралия.Фото: Дерилл Филипс. Источник: Flickr

Not many residents here left. Фото: Philips Derill. Источник: Flickr

7. Броад Арроу / Broad Arrow, Western Australia

This is a ghost town located in 38 km from the town of Kalgoorlie. Gold, the first discovery here in 1893 year has sparked a gold rush, and soon the population of the town reached 15000 Man. But 30 years later gold mine dried up, prospectors left, and the city was abandoned.

Таверна Боад Арроу /  Broad Arrow Tavern. Западная Австралия.

Notes on the walls of the tavern Arrow Boad. Фото: Don Pugh. Источник: Flickr

In 1971 year here was filmed "Queen of nickel, Since coming here tourists consider it their duty to leave handwritten notes on the walls of local houses, dilapidated, and the sole remaining hotel

8. Мэри Кэтлин / Mary Kathleen, Квинсленд

Теперь Мэри Кэтлин – это заброшенный урановый рудник. Шахта. Штат Квинсленд, Австралия.

Now Mary Kathleen is abandoned uranium mine. Mine.

At a time when it was first created in 1860-ies, and when uranium mine was opened here in the 1950-ies – the town boomed as the bee hive. However, When the mine was closed in 1982 most of the houses of former residents, Mary Kathleen (the number of which was almost 1000 on 1961 Year) were sold or went under demolition.



9. Гунбар / Gunbar, New South Wales

Общественное здание в Гулбар.  Новый Южный Уэльс, Австралия. Фото: Маттингбгн, Викикоммонс

Public building in Gulbar. Фото: Mattingbgn, Vikikommons

This once thriving district became a ghost town, After many people moved away to other places during depression. Here there is little buildings, local church and around the 97 residents.

10. Аберфелди / Aberfeldy, Victoria

Аберфелди/ Aberfeldy, штат Виктория, Австралия.  Фото: Мельбурниан.

Aberfeldy. Фото: Melburnian.

The population of the town declined strongly during the first world war, but after a series of forest fires in 1938 year, many buildings were destroyed, the City developed in the ruins, and only a few local residents.

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