Overseas guests spend a lot in Australia, Part 2

21 Июнь, 2016


Asian customers can't get enough of Australia. Photo: Annette Dew.

Chinese customers, Usually, spend the most on food, drink, Accommodation and purchases, while travelers from the UK and US, more inclined to fork out for organized tours.

Americans also are spending more on buying air tickets domestic flights, While visitors from the United Kingdom prefer to travel around the country to rent vehicles.

The Chinese were the biggest players, and also spend the most on entertainment.

Managing Director of the Australian Tourism Export Council, Peter Shelley, says, that their data showed the huge potential of the industry.

«Australia recognized as a country which is attractive and safe, with an excellent price/quality ratio on the cost of professional tourist services and high-quality hospitality services, and the country is making quite a tangible contribution to the development of tourism industry, competitive in the global market», said Mr. Shelley.

While Chinese travelers remain the most profitable, in terms of spending, international tourists, Australia is witnessing strong growth of tourists from other countries, including United States, Japan, Korea, Germany and Indonesia.

Guests from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Korea in Australia.

Federal Tourism Minister Richard Calback said, that was an important step to establish a good relationship with our northern neighbour.



«When we announced that, that Indonesians can receive three-year multiple-entry visas, reaction in Indonesia has been a very strong», the Minister said Cape Colbeck.

«Indonesian travel agents, absolutely, sell tours to Australia with great enthusiasm».

He recognized the, that probably, a great deal of work to be undertaken to facilitate receiving Australian visas, to remain competitive on a global scale.

«It is a competitive space, We constantly receives new proposals, and we continue to», the Senator also said Cape Colbeck.

«We are currently working on the introduction of a 10-year multi-visas to China, as well as the possibility of obtaining visas online, including in Chinese.»

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