Western Australia (particularly Broome, Kimberly and Perth): Unexpected places in Australia, who recommend visiting airline staff, ч2

12 May, 2020


Аэрофотоснимок Gantheaume Point в Брум.
Seems, Western Australia also has interesting places.

Cara Le says, that Kununurra in the Kimberley – it's an unforgettable place to visit.

"Kimberly is one of the most remote, majestic and wild regions in the world …
There are many freshwater lakes where you can swim or dive, wildlife and routes for SUVs".

Brum – it's another favorite place, and Renee Turnbull, and Jade Cartwright say, that "Gantoum Point" – it's a 'place', that must be seen, here you can find dinosaur footprints in the red cliffs of the beach at low tide... and the contrast of the red mud and the blue ocean is staggering.".

Natasha Stiles has always felt weak in northwest Washington state:

"The landscape is so unique and dotted with hidden treasures... Last month I was on a plane to Broome., and for a moment glanced into the porthole, while we were flying along the coast. We flew over an 80-mile beach., longest continuous beach in Washington state, between Broome and Port Hedland. Below was an endless white sand, dotted with tropical shells. The city of Broome itself is amazing to explore, but for adventurers I would advise you to get off the beaten track and delve into the little-visited part of the magnificent Kimberley area. It's the best memory. – Fishing on big fish, Walking on the beach, picking up seashells, riding camels, sunsets over the ocean and the infamous staircase to heaven... »

Camels at sunset on Cable Beach, Brum. Photo: Lauren Baht



Jade Cartwright says, that exploring the West Coast is at the top of her to-do list after the lifting of the travel ban: "Ningaloo Reef, Rottnest and Esperance Island – my next route".


And Tess Norris fell in love with Perth:

"I like the atmosphere, especially in the summer. And you can easily get to Rottnest Island, which is one of my favorite places in Australia. Perth is such an underrated city. West Coast is extraordinarily beautiful".

Cara Le also loves Perth – Washington state capital, when speaking, that "geographically it is the most isolated city in the world. He's so laid-back., friendly atmosphere".

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