Why Australia is poor surface water

5 August, 2018


Australia is a continent, Open the Danes in the 17 century. Since then, it has been a long time, and in mainland managed to settle millions of people. Despite the beautiful world-rich flora and fauna, rare plant species, animals, much of the continent remains uninhabited. What is the reason? Fact, that Australia is extremely poor surface waters and its large part falls on the deserted desert.

The Problem Of Australia


Australia is very poor on surface water. Besides, not only are they small, but unevenly distributed, scattered across mainland. Water shortage stems from the fact, that on the Mainland is dominated by dry tropical and subtropical climate, There are no mountains with glaciers and snowy tops. There are very few rivers and Lakes, more 60 per cent of the territory has no runoff into the ocean. This fact greatly differs from the rest of Australia continents. Main area, arriving at desert and semi-desert areas, exists because of temporary drainage-screams. Water in sources going after heavy rains and rainstorms. The rest of the river belong to the basins of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Rivers, pertinent to the Indian Ocean, shallow and short. In hot periods they dry up, thereby leaving nearby territory without water source. The rivers of the Pacific basin flowing throughout the year. They fall from the great dividing range. The largest part of precipitation.

Water resources

To date, Australia has more than 800 rivers, just not every pond filled with water all year round. In dry seasons, they are not covered by the waters of the, a thick layer of gypsum and salt and filled with water only after rare torrential rains. Australia's largest lake is Lake Eyre. It applies to 15 thousands of square kilometres. Locals call it "the dead heart" mainland. Here skopljaetsja water from a variety of screams, However, desert absorb most of the water. Rare, When air can show its entire beauty of water in 15 th. km2. In spite of the lack of surface water in Australia, This continent is the most beautiful place on the planet, home to rare flora and fauna representatives.




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