During the following 50 years of the great barrier reef could die

3 June, 2018


Along the northeast coast of Australia stretches for more than two thousand kilometers of the great barrier reef – a chain of Islands and underwater rocks. This is one of the largest geological formations and, at the same time, the largest living organism on Earth. Of course, called the great barrier reef by the body in the full sense of the Word cannot be, rather, it is the most complicated ecosystem. Its uniqueness is that, that there are no other ecosystem, which consisted of such a large number of living organisms, constantly giving new contours of the most grandiose miracle wildlife.

The great barrier reef has already about 18 millions of years – It was then a colony of coral polyps started to form the first tiny islets in the Coral Sea. Since then, the number of reef reached two thousand one hundred. Most of them are under water and occasionally get uncovered only when strong tidal effects. Like a chain, they are an impassable barrier (where reef got its name) cover part of the coast of Australia. In some places, where the sea has an optimum temperature and chemical composition, The great barrier reef is constantly changing form, but almost does not grow, as for all time washes away the old plots.

Interesting, that part of the sea between the reef and the coast is a lagoon or grandiose shoal, and here by the great barrier reef Ocean cool breaks in depth, sometimes hundreds of meters.



One of the most remarkable parts of the great barrier reef are coral islands – the same reefs, only the overgrown for hundreds of thousands of years and gradually pokryvshiesja the soil and sand. Decorated with emerald-green trees, in some places, coming in a variety of real jungle animals, they cannot leave anyone indifferent. One of the most famous Islands – Heron. It is a national natural park and is considered one of the best places to observe the underwater world.

I must say, what the underwater world of the great barrier reef – It is a fantastic Universe! Suffice it to say, that formed it is not one or two types of corals, and more than four hundred species. Благодаря тому, What is the temperature in Coral Sea all year round is held within 22-28 WITH, reefs are a huge community of animals and plants. More 1,5 thousands of species of fish, aquatic mammals, shellfish, plants – all this creates an amazing palette of life of all colors. Many of you, must have seen pictures of the underwater world of the great barrier reef, dream to see it all with your own eyes and make your photos. We strongly recommend to visit before you travel photography courses -shoot the underwater world is not just, But if you learn to, the result will exceed all expectations.

К сожалению, lately due to human activities, the chemical composition of the water near the great barrier reef is changing. If these changes don't stop, during the following 50 years of the great barrier reef could die, that would lead to unpredictable consequences for the ecology of the region.

The Great Barrier Reef, perhaps, the largest and most popular international diving center, where, thanks to the always warm weather can come at any time of the year. In 1981 year, the great barrier reef was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.




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