The value of rest for your child.

7 Апрель, 2014


Summer holiday in the Crimea on the sea.

Today, the family is faced with such modifications, which   they never before knew.

Often today   parents are overwhelmed by their work, increased employment and increased emotional load. See also, change of values took their Children for a long time already  . rose, and so neljubjashhie parents believe, that they have nothing more to share , and one in five marriages end in divorce.

All of this has a negative impact on the normal development of the child's personality  , particularly in the early ages. "Parents   repel» children, they feel no security  , in the meantime, parents at work requirements are amplified, voltage increases, and expectations of life in children too high. The family is the main social institution, which has a decisive impact on people's fate. In every family, children receive intellectual, Cultural, moral values, and parents are the first and most important teachers.

The family teaches the child regulatory behavior, Relation, educates interests, as well as the manner in all. If you have spare time, be sure to advise you to carry out its   together, This is extremely important for every child. That, as the family rests, affect the further development of the child  , his upbringing, Trust, creative and social skills, and will also help in the development of intellectual abilities.

In accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child,, The child can rest and have free time for his leisure time, He can also participate in games and entertainment events, that match his age, as well as on their own to take part in cultural life and the arts.



Parents today often do not pay attention to their child's leisure, insisting on improving school responsibilities.  Rest is an important part of every child's life and development. The emphasis should be on the activity, which will be held together with adults (adults are a function of an animator or mentor, instead of teachers), and that very motivated.

Free time,   which we dedicate ourselves, meet our own goals, without children can have a detrimental effect on the future life of the whole family.








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