Australian Antarctic Territory

12 May, 2010


Австралийская антарктическая территория (ААТ) (Australian Antarctic Territory)Австралийская антарктическая территория (AAT) (AusAustralian Antarctic Territory The territory of Antarctica, claimed by Australia. Australian rights to the territory recognized by the United Kingdom, New Zealand, France and Norway.

The area consists of all the islands and territories located south of 60 ° and between 44 ° 38′ в.д. and 160 ° Acting, excluding Adélie Land (s 136 ° 11′ в.д. from 1VD 02′ E), which divides the area into western and eastern.

The territory is bordered on the west by the Queen Maud Land and Russia east. The total area is about 6.119.818 km. , except for the staff of research stations. On the territory of three Australian-round polar station, conducting various research projects.

Australia signed the Antarctic Treaty, and does not prevent any scientific programs of other countries. It only retains control over the territory so, so as not to infringe upon the rights of other countries and do not break a contract. After signing of the island Herd and McDonald began to form a separate external territory, since they are located geographically north of 60 ° and are not covered by the contract.






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