MacDonald Island

12 Май, 2010




Остров Макдональд ( McDonald ) MacDonald Island ( McDonald ) - A little, rocky and the volcanic island of origin Australia. The island is bounded by steep cliffs and consists of two parts - the northern plateau and the southern steep hill Maxwell Hill, connected by a narrow isthmus.

People landed on the island only twice in history - in 1971 and 1980 gg.

Subantarctic climate - mild winters (+0,1 °C) and cold summer (+4,2 °C). Most da°Cof the year - windy and cloudy.

The island is not affected by human activity, on the island of a large population of penguins, seals and sea birds.

McDonald Island is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The island was discovered 4 January 1854 year, captain of the ship "Samarang" by William MacDonald, later the island was named after him.

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