Heard Island

12 May, 2010


Остров Херд (Heard)Heard Island (Heard) this is the only active volcano, while the highest point in the, Australian-owned. The island is the top of an underwater volcano Kerguelen Plateau and has a 43 kilometers in length and 21 kilometr v width. Around 80 % Heard the surface is covered with snow and ice, that shape the character of the coastline of the island.

Heard Island in 1947 Australia belongs to the year as part of Australian Antarctic Territory, but after the signing of the Convention by Australia to the Antarctic, Islands began to form a separate external territory. Resident population does not, but the island is visited by tourists (no landing) and scientific expeditions.

Subantarctic climate - mild winters (+0,1 °C) and cold summer (+4,2 °C). Most da°Cof the year - windy and cloudy. Most precipitation falls as drizzle or snow.



The island has a large population of penguins, seals and sea birds.

Heard Island is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Heard Island was discovered by Captain American,John Hurd 25 November 1853 year, When his ship 'Oriental' sent from Boston to Melbourne.

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