Где находится лучший остров в Австралии?

23 April, 2015


Остров Лорд Хау, Австралия.

Lord Howe Island-Australia.

This island has just been named the best in the country. Of course, These ratings are a unique spectacle, but it seems the Australian «The Last Paradise», really outshines its more famous competitors.

In accordance with the list of, published on the website of the Trip Adviser, which is published once a year and that compares more 100 Islands around the world based on feedback from millions of tourists, regional winners are determined.

While the tiny Lord Howe took the 8-th place in the list of the top 10 Islands in the South Pacific (and the 1-St place in Australia), Norfolk Island sank on 10-th place (compared to the 7-th place, He finished last year) and became the second most popular island Australia.

Unpleasant surprise for the Australians was the absence of the Hamilton Island, with its famous resort of qualia, who won several awards, as the best hotel in Australia, but in the world. It is known for its stunning location, tranquility and luxury.

Остров Палаван, Филиппины.

Palawan in the Philippines.



Another paradise, that also is not in the list, become a Kangaroo Island in South Australia, and who was named best island country last year in the list of Trip Adviser, but have not received this recognition once again.

So what's so special about the Lord Howe Island (Lord Howe Island)? Flight back from Sydney takes about two hours. The island is surrounded by beautiful turquoise sea. It has a length of just 11 kilometers at its widest point, just live on it 250 residents and only 400 tourists can be there at the same time. This allows him to remain virtually untouched, compared to other islands, razgromlennymi backpackers.

Here you will find a decent kitchen, stunning reefs, and shocking many lack of mobile communication, so you really can completely withdraw from the world and immerse themselves in the study of neighborhoods.

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