Талассотерапия в Тунисе!

13 February, 2014


For Thalassotherapy Tunisia arrive in winter and summer, those, who dream to lose weight, Remove nervous tension, fatigue, pain in joints, recover from rheumatism and arteriosclerosis, quit smoking and look younger.

Thalassotherapy is a treatment heated to 33 degrees Celsius with seawater, seaweed and mud. Water to treat mined at a distance 6 meters in 450 m from the shore. Water comes in environmentally sound areas and meets all the requirements of the Ministry of health in Tunisia. Tours to Tunisia offered in many travel agencies, guarantee, that virtually every five-star and four-star hotel on the coast has its own Thalassotherapy centres with Russian doctors. After consulting a qualified doctor offers to pass a series of SPA-prodedur to improve your well-being.

The most popular are:
• Hammam gommage body wrap – includes bath for a couple body rubbing rooms-«kesoj» and further wrap clay;

• underwater hydromassage – invigorating underwater massage in the swimming pool with sea water, combined with various herbal extracts and rose petals;

• Cleopatra bath-all famous milk baths with essential oils, who retain youth and beautiful colour;



• gassul-"born of volcanic rock", which is very rich in minerals and trace elements. It is diluted with floral infusions and applied to the body for skin smoothing and give a tone;

• Health-walk in the seawater pool with hydromassage. Hydromassage jets are aimed in different directions, so goes the effect on the whole body;

• Algotherapy-anti-inflammatory treatment with algae;

• shower Douche-used in fight against obesity. A powerful stream of water is directed at you from a distance, Causing abundant blood flow to problem areas.

A week-long treatment at the sea keeps an excellent feeling for six months.

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