‘New South Wales’

The new 80-km hiking route in Sydney, will be one of the best in the world


The route will pass through the Grotto Point at altitudes Balgoula.



"The project does not need infrastructure, or violating the rights of someone else's land. Read the rest of this entry »




In Sydney, a new pedestrian route is planned: 80-km trail between beaches Bondi and manly

Grab your mates: the new 80-km walk in Sydney from Bondi to manly - sounds fabulous.

EPIC 80-kilometer walk along the coast, which, Finally, connect two of the best beaches in Australia, get acquainted with some of our most iconic landmarks, and may soon become your new favorite pastime on weekends. Read the rest of this entry »

Digger Beach and Kronalla Beach, New South Wales, ч6

Early bird on the beach Diggers, Coffs Harbour. Фото: Dallas Kilponen / Tour company «destination new South Wales».

Why: conveniently located directly across the road to Coffs Harbour from the famous Large Banana, wide and protected Beach Digger Beach is equally attractive for both local residents, and for visitors. Read the rest of this entry »

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