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Seven hot reasons to be in the Australian city of the nearest weekend


Cтадион MCG в Мельбурне.

The famous MCG Stadium will ROAR into this Saturday. Photo: Tim Karrafa



In Australia there are one city, which will be really hot this weekend, and we're not just talking about the weather. Here are seven reasons, Why is it so. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Melbourne is the hottest city in Australia this weekend?

Last year's Final Championship team players Parade the hawks. Photo: Wayne Ljudbi

In one of the cities of Australia will be very hot this weekend, and we're not just talking about the weather. Australian Football League finals in Melbourne is one of the largest sports days of the year.
So, Here are seven reasons, you want to be there exactly.

1. Weather

For the first time since March, in Melbourne the temperature rises above 30 Degrees Celsius. This Saturday, According to forecasts, She will be 31 degree, Sunday 30 degrees and 32 degrees Monday. This means, that instead of rain on the stadium MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground-holds more 100 thousand persons.) , fans will be troubled by those, How would not get burned.

2. Final Parade

With 12 Friday nights, players from teams the Eagles and hawks (Eagles and Hawks) proedutsja kavalkadoj machines brand Toyota Hilux from the old building of the Treasury in Yarra Park to the MCG Stadium. This is a real chance for fans to see their favorite players for the last time before, as they take to the field the next day.

3. Festival of football fans

Festival Fans Fokstel, located in Yarra Park, and that visit absolutely all residents of Melbourne, will run for four days from Wednesday to Saturday. There you may be including foods, music, movies, and, Of course, Football.

The most popular musical groups, DJs, food stalls and screenings will run for four days absolutely free for all ages.

Former Geelong footballer Steve Johnson in a classic pit with foam during the Festival before the Grand final AFL. Photo: Jason Edwards

3. Championship Finals

For Australians, this event is so important, that in honor of the AFL Grand Final, the administration of the State of Victoria announced Friday a public holiday.

The most important game of the year in Melbourne in droves come many fans from all over the country. The second operations budget airline Virgin Australia had to provide more than 6500 extra beds only on one route from Perth to Melbourne, To do so, to deliver all those wishing fans a game, and just for the AFL finals in Melbourne as fans arrive more 11000 person.

Starting with 2:30 PM East Australia time this Saturday, the roar of the votes almost 100000-y crowd will be posted over Melbourne.

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