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Australian couple refuse wedding trips to Maui and Fiji in favour of Australian destinations, ч6


Alaa Armanyus of Daydream Island said, that they had a sharp increase in the number of wedding bookings in the spring and already 13 of them blocked for September and October. Фото: Deirdream Island



While Australian couples have long exchanged vows in Maui and Fiji, The natural beauty of the Whitesands has proved just as worthy of Instagram, because the pandemic has forced us to close our borders. Read the rest of this entry »




Australia's hottest deals right now: Food and wine lovers, Ch5

The Hunter Valley in New South Wales has more than 150 Wineries. Фото: Destination New South Wales

Perhaps, you won't be able to sip wine in Bordeaux or in California's Napa Valley, but don't take that experience off your travel list yet. – Australia has some of the best wineries in the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Australia's hottest deals right now: Fans of active adventures, Ch4

You don't have to go to New zealand for a rush of adrenaline - visit the Franklin River in Tasmania. Фото: Tasmanian expeditions

Путешественники, looking for adrenaline rush, are often sent to New ealand. But for thrills you don't need to cross the ocean strait. Read the rest of this entry »

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