What the Great Barrier Reef is famous for, and problems, caused by an excessive flow of tourists




The Great Barrier Reef is known for many reasons:

  • it is the only visible result of coral life from space
  • largest ecosystem on the planet
  • unique combination of flora and fauna Read the rest of this entry »




Tours to Palm Cove will be an unforgettable and bright event in your life

Пальмовая Бухта, Palm Cove / Palm Cove is located in 30 A short drive north of the resort town of Cairns in the state of queensland.

Plenty of tourists choose tours to Australia, to learn, Continue, or to experience such entertainment, like diving, Surfing, rafting or canoeing. Read the rest of this entry »

The luxury Liberty Beach resort on the Weitsunday coast in NSW is not only accessible to the wealthy, ч2

But the hallmark of the resort is the rescued sloop "Shangri-La", which is installed in a place of honor at the entrance.

Shangri-La was used as a tourist ship in the 1960s.

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