The best beaches in Australia: Alexander Hedland and sunshine Beach, Квинсленд, Part 4


Alexander Hedland, Квинсленд


WHY: Located next to the coast Mululaboj Sunshine, Alexander Hjedlend (or "Alex", as it is known locally) is actually eight huge beaches in one. Read the rest of this entry »



The best beaches in Australia: Vajtheven Beach, Квинсленд, Part 3

There's a reason, which Beach Postcard consistently tops the list of the country's best beaches. Photo: Queensland Tourism

WHY: Australian professional sculptor, shapes and structures specialist, made of sand, Peter Redmond, worked on innumerable beaches in the land of Oz, Read the rest of this entry »

ПРОЕКТ разрушил сообщество держателей акций, ч4

Tony and Tanya Fischer decided to raise her daughter Emma in the Valley of Mary. Photo: Джен Дейнер

After driving across the Valley, Tony and Tanya Fischer, also decided to move here from Melbourne, Desiring to resolve problems with their health and their daughters after 23-year career in the army, Tony. Read the rest of this entry »

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