Маунт Хотман: Австралийские снежные поля в 2017 Year, ч6

3 August, 2017


Маунт Хотман / Mt Hotham intends to welcome this season even more snow after investment in infrastructure of snow cover size 4,4 million dollars.



Mount Hotman Ski Resort's investment in the amount of 4,4 Million. dollars in snow cover infrastructure. Eighteen new snow cannons have been installed throughout the resort, plus 12 added in the field of Skiing Summit, one of the two ski areas for beginners.
The other six increased snowfall to the intermediate terrain from the Roadrunner lift to the modern slopes of the Sky Valley.. Guns are able to cover with snow from 25 before 33 hectares of relief.

"Enhanced snowfall in the Sky Valley is part of the final stage of the snow cover master plan., started in 1998 year", – says Belinda Trembat, General Manager Of Mount Hotman Skiin Company. She said, that the Summit area will also now become an area with "solid snow cover" from much earlier dates this season.


After a conversation with Hotman instructors and regular visitors, the resort management decided to improve the group lessons as for skiers., and for snowboarders. Classes for adults (aged 15 Years) will last for 21/2 hours – it's optional 30 minutes to work on your skills. These lessons will also be limited in size to a maximum family., Not 12 Participants, as in previous winters.

Despite these improvements, you will not pay more for classes, therefore, you will be able to spend your savings on additional après schnapps at the end of the day.



Advanced classes with Max7 will cost the same, as well as group lessons in 2016 Year, that is, from 63 United States dollars, if they are purchased in advance online. All lessons at Mount Hotman Resort begin at 10 Morning, and lessons for beginners are repeated in 13:00.


Head to the slopes during a snowstorm, because you have already bought a lift pass, it's a wretched way to spend your vacation, but you no longer have to do it at Mount Hotman.

The resort has created a more flexible system of ski pass sales and equipment rental, which gives visitors days of rest, when unfavorable weather sets in, or your body just needs a break. This season, all purchases in Hotham Sports stores with payment for four days or more will include these days of rest..

The same applies to multi-day ski passes., so you can buy a ski pass and / or equipment rental for "4 of" 6 days». This adds flexibility to the existing five-, Six- and seven-day resort ski passes. You don't need to return equipment rentals on days, when you're not skating.

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