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The Queensland Government has given permission to $ 15 billion project.




According to the draft of Arrow Energy / Arrow Energy in Gladstone to be built liquefied natural gas plant (CNG).
Project, who will be the fourth LNG development in the island Curtis, in the area of Gladstone, will increase investment in economic sectors of Queensland almost $ 75000000000.
Queensland's decision now must get approval from the Federal Government and business owners before Schell and Petro China (Shell and PetroChina), give your own financial confirmation. Read the rest of this entry »

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In Australia, there will be Yuan

In Avstralii in skorom buduschem poyavyatsya yuani, Tak centrobank Advertise on Planax investirovatʹ around 5% svoix meždunarodnyx Reserves in State bonds Kitaâ.
In Real time total volume valûtnyx Reserves Avstralii sostavlâet $39 млрд. 5% Od etoy amount sostavit primerno $2 млрд (bolee 13 Billionюaнeй).

How zaâvil Vice Chairman CB Avstralii Filip Lou, Decision Invest in State bonds Kitaâ svidetelʹstvuet on tight ékonomičeskom Promotion 2-ux Page, Lo! Avstraliya stala tretey stranoy ustanovivshey direct valyutnuyu torgovlyu with Kitaem, posledovav example USA and Âponii. Read the rest of this entry »

Naivety Australians lead to credit card debt

Naivety Australians lead to credit card debt, так пo рeзультaтaм проведенного исслeдoвaния Credit Card Finder – 40% aвстрaлийцeв нe знaют, kakaya protsentnaya stavka nachislyaetsya credit card, they use.

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, Australians debt on credit cards is 49,9 млрд. USD, of them 35,4 млрд. dollarsBillionccrued interest for the use of credit cards.

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