Наедине с Королем Тут в Египте, Part 2

23 Февраль, 2014


Banana island on the River Nile in Luxor. Photo: Stephanie Williams.

Five minutes after departing trains from Giza, my travel guide shoved his head in the door with a huge smile on your face. «I'm sorry, but we cannot be in Luxor in the morning. Due to the protests blocked path».

I was puzzled by the discrepancy between the expression of his face and the meaning of a message, which he did, and I told him: «So, We will be doing, We have to go back to Cairo?»

«Yes, and will not return. A pleasant journey!»

Although my detector on the scam was firmly set to high sensitivity mode, Here he found himself powerless to help me. But apparently the Egyptian Tourism Minister ordered a telephone conversation overnight and demonstrators moved on, detaining us just for a couple of hours.

Double compartment in the car was a modest, communal folding table, two bunk beds and a sink, as well as the Egyptian music channel for entertainment.



The food was simple, but nutritional: hummus, chicken, rice and orange juice and croissant for dinner, Jam, pita bread with the ubiquitous Pasty cheeses and strong coffee for breakfast.

Upon arrival at Luxor, We registered at neperevodimym with the name New Pola on the banks of the Nile.

The pace was much lower, than in us Cairo, but due to speculators, working overtime, factor level tension was very high. Undaunted by the, We have paved their way through crowds of beggars, first sail by Felucca, then on horseback, and at the end of the taxi got to the main goal of my journey – Karnak Temple.

The temple complex – This grandiose architectural structure, and has a huge area, so good shoes are important. All here in gigantskiom scale, fivanskim tribute to the gods and Kings, Temple of Amun, It is the largest religious building, ever built by mankind.

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