Place, where Australian travellers are collected as uninvited guests

12 Июль, 2016


Остров на Филиппинах Палаван.

Palawan island in the Philippines is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors. Photo: IStock.

The whole idea of any travel is, to go away from home, but when everyone is your neighbor, leaving from home, has exactly the same trip plans, as you, the trip risked losing its appeal.

And this is especially true for Asia, located near Australia, where it's almost impossible to find a destination, in which it would still be impossible to see Australian tourists.

True to tradition, Australians plastered all the beaches in Bali last summer, and this winter we all headed for the slopes in Japan. So at least somewhere in Asia you can find a place, in which you can avoid hearing the overly familiar sound of a lengthy Australian speech?



Perhaps, we've already lost Boracay and Saigon, who have suffered a similar fate, but, Turns out, there are also fresh finds, that can be done in some of the most underserved and unmarried Asian countries.

Храм Баган, Мьянма.

Stunning Temple of Bagan in Myanmar. Source: IStock

«It's really interesting to see places like this, where it is impossible to detect more Australian travellers», says Andy Edwards of Singapore travel agency Agoda, adding, that for many Australians, beaches remain the main priority of travel, skis and cultural attractions.

So, what if an Australian really wants to go abroad, and at the same time do not strain from the overly familiar spectacle of their compatriots and women, he should read the list of places below, to which he should go as soon as possible, before they don't become the cliche of his next vacation.

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