100 лучших мест для отдыха в Австралии: "Escape to the East Coast"

11 Апрель, 2014


Остров Марии / Maria Island, Tasmania, Australia.

In the first part of the article We talked about how, Australian Traveller magazine that published this week list 100 the best travel and vacation spots in Australia. And that no. 1 on this list took a cruise in Kimberley.

According to the editor of the publication Georgia Rickard, was a pretty pleasant surprise, see the option of affordable rest at No. 2 in the list of.

«Best of all, what's on the "Escape to the East Coast" trip – it's an absolutely luxurious environment», she said. «This journey is absolutely breathtaking».

«Hobart, Maria Island, Hazard, Whiteglass Bay, Shore of Lights … this one long, continuous list of six-star locations. And you can visit them in absolute peace, without blowing up your budget, because there's always a lot of affordable housing along the way».

View of Mary Island / Maria Island – part of Tasmania's high-rated Escape to the East Coast.

The luxury suite of Saffire Freycinet Lodge in Tasmania has also sparked a heated debate, before he was ranked No. 5, leaving far behind, The long-running title of the best luxury shelter on Hamilton Island (№ 10).



List reflects changing priorities for Australian travellers, Rickard said..

«As a nation, we're becoming much more legible in that, what we want from our vacation», She says.

«It's not enough anymore., just drop yourself by the pool – we want genuine experiences, Unique places, and travel, that enrich our lives in some way.

Now we need a little bit of that factor., as an opportunity to brag in front of friends».

Another surprise – Australia's best island is in New South Wales, at Lord Howe Island (№ 7).

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