‘Immigration to Australia, Эмиграция из Австралии’

Australia is a country of high standards of living and social guarantees for immigrants

Перт - один из лучших городов для иммиграции в Австралию.

A very attractive country for wanting to migrate is Australia. To date, the country has a high standard of living, and even such world leaders, as the United States and Canada concede Australia. Read the rest of this entry »

Ways of immigrating to Australia


Иммиграции в Австралию.



Australia – mysterious, not similar to our, continent. On it all the way around: summer winter, and in winter, summer. But if its nature, cities do not give you peace of mind and you have decided to relocate there permanently, It is not superfluous will know: on what conditions you there will. Read the rest of this entry »



Questions such as immigration control officers, can any confound, Part 3

History Of Ankit Pandey

(In) Suvarnabhoomi airport in Bangkok, Thailand. The immigration officer: The man behind the 40 or somewhere around 50 with a grumpy look, in 3:30 am local time. I am: 24-summer tourist from mainland India is equipped with rather limited information (address of hostel and folded map). Read the rest of this entry »

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