‘Australian Customs regulations’

Customs regulations


Upon entry into Australia:

Goods, in respect of which exemption from payment of customs duties

Allowed to import free of duty:

* Items worth less than 900 австралийских долларов (for those under 18 years - costing no more than 450 австралийских дAustralian dollarsinclude gifts, souvenirs, photo- and video, electronic equipment, leather goods, perfume, Jewelry, watches and sporting equipment. Alcohol and tobacco products in this list does not include.

Alcohol products:

* 2,25 liters of alcoholic beverages.

Tobacco products are the same species (of choice)::

* 250 cigarettes;

* 250 grams of cigars or other tobacco products.

Exemption from customs duties when importing alcohol and tobacco products are allowed in respect of persons, reached 18 Years.

In the case of, when the number of imported goods above the specified quota, customs duties paid on imported goods of all parties of this kind.

At the entrance to Australia Family Quota, established for duty-free import of goods, are summarized.

When goods are imported for personal use, such as clothing, shoes, personal hygiene items, and exemption from customs duties and taxes.

Individuals, arriving in Australia on a mission

For people, arriving in Australia on a business trip, and importing goods for commercial purposes or samples of such goods, you may need special permission to import - depending on the nature of the products. Also, to such goods on the same basis used sanitary, phytosanitary and other regulations. Filing a customs declaration is required in cases, when the value of the goods exceeds 250 Australian dollars.

Laptops and other similar electronic equipment may be imported without payment of customs duties and taxes provided, that the goods will be shipped after receiving entity in Australia.



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