Большой Барьерный риф в Австралии назвали лучшим местом в мире для посещения

2 July, 2016


The best place on Earth? The great barrier reef is ranked No. 1 among the best places in the world to visit. Photo: Stewart, Ireland

В столь сложный для Большого Барьерного рифа момент, When he was going through tough times, the world's largest living organism was voted the best place in the world to visit influential tourist site from United States.

Sydney also made the list for the 13-th place.

The site described the Reef as «place mandatory to attend each traveler in the list».

«The great barrier reef is a treasure trove of, you want to visit at least once in a lifetime», It says in the description.

«If you, love looking at marine life via scuba mask, or give a tropical breeze to deploy your sail, either plan high above it all hang, the possibilities for this kind of holiday here you have almost limitless».

Second best: Sydney was the only place in Australia, that got into the list of the top 25 best places in the world to visit.

This news comes after a series of gloomy reports about the future of the reef, After serious adverse events, When it was discovered coral bleaching, its vast territory.

Lian Coddington from company CEO Tourism Queensland said, that conquest of the Reef first place on the list, become a vote of confidence in his world tourist attraction.



«The great barrier reef is a living treasure and major tourist trump card for visitors to Queensland», said Ms. Coddington.

«It is a unique experience, that tens of thousands of people are becoming every day».

Other destinations, included in the top ten steel Florence in Italy; Tokyo, Japan; the archeological capital of the Americas – Cuzco in Peru; Лондон, Rome, New York and Maui.
Cape Town in South Africa and Barcelona in Spain proved to be ahead of Sydney, only the second Australian attractions, rank in the list.

When compiling this list was used «opinions of experts, user votes and current trends».

Bora Bora in French Polynesia, for the second consecutive year, enters the top 5 best places to visit in the world. Photo: IStock.

Last year London was no. 1, Bora Bora No. 2 and no. 3 Barcelona, While Sydney finished fifth.
Ms. Coddington said, that the results of the vote this year confirmed, how important the Reef for the economy of Tourism Australia.

«We need his protect and share», she said.

«We must use great barrier reef attraction in order, to inspire visitors to visit Queensland, the best place on Earth».

Author: Robyn Ironside

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