Oil and gas fields of Australia

13 February, 2010




The program of exploration of oil fields, began in 1950 with government support, contributed to a clear separation, at least 20 sedimentary basins; one in nine are now producing oil.

The most important deposits are located in areas Gipslend (Victoria), Карнарвон (Western Australia), Bonaparte (N.T. and Western Australia) and Cooper-Éromanga (South Australia and Квинсленд). In 1995-1996 were extracted 30 Billion. liters of oil, in t.ch. Almost half of the pool Gipslend.

Australia has almost reached the level of oil self-sufficiency, export of crude oil and condensate production in 1994-1995 was 35 млн. л, and imports - 77 млнMillionwhlh is much less than the level of local production.

Natural gas, first discovered in the area of ​​Roma in Queensland in 1904, up to 1961 had only local significance. In 1995-1996 in Australia were produced almost 30 Billion. cube. meters of gas, mainly from the fields and the area Gipslend shelf off the north-west coast, and the share of the latter area accounted for over half and he went on exports. All the state capitals and other cities are connected by pipelines to the gas fields.

Brisbane receives gas from fields in Roma, Surat; Sydney, Канберра and Adelaide - From the Cooper Basin-Eromanga; Melbourne - From the shelf Gipslenda; Perth - From the Dongara field, Mandara and the shelf off the north-west coast; Darwin - Deposits of the basin Amadius.

Australia is gradually expanding the production of liquefied petroleum gas.

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